Man receives free pizza & ice cream after a social media battle between Three & O2. #Waggytails

But is it all a marketing ploy?

  • Dan May sent a tweet hash-tag to O2 asking for his free pizza via their  #waggytails promotion
  • Dan didn’t get any pizza, and was left hungry and disappointed
  • He complained on Twitter threatening to switch to Three who picked up the slack and immediately sent Dan pizza and ice cream (good move Three!)
  • O2 fired back and responded with free pizza every week for a year.
  • Dan is no longer hungry.

In a pretty crazy series of events, mobile phone giant Three gave Dan May a pile of pizzas and a mountain of ice-cream in order to win his business. Whilst not to be outdone, O2 have followed up and given the same customer a whole years supply of pizza and a Fitbit as a nice bonus; presumably to encourage Dan to keep himself fit if he’s going to be enjoying lots of delicious pizza.

The whole thing started when Dan started the feud on Twitter between the two companies.


O2 had launched a promotion where users tweet their address with the #waggytails hashtag and receive free lunch in the form of pizza or ice-cream. As an O2 customer, Dan did just that; however, he was left feeling disappointed and hungry after not receiving a response or a pizza, so he decided to take to social media and make a valiant stand for his love of italian foodstuffs and delicious ice cream. That’s when things really kicked off!

We’ll leave it to the twitter stream to take over from here…


 As you can see, Dan threatened to move to Three, however this did not fall on deaf ears like you would expect. Instead Three saw their opportunity to help Dan out of his hunger woes (and hopefully win his business) by picking up on his plea for pizza in a marketing move that went the extra mile.  One-nil to Three (I enjoyed typing that!).

However O2 not to be outdone by their rivals came up with the goods and trumped Three’s offering with a voucher for “Free Dominoes Pizza!” for a year for Dan, completely blowing Three’s pizza & ice cream out of the water. Game and Set to O2.

Winner, “Free PizzaDan.”

The plot thickens

 It should be noted, that on March 25th the Mirror along with other major news outlets reported that Three have bought 02 for just over £10 Billion. Now we haven’t actually heard much about this takeover in the media since around then. But HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS have seen this Twitter Pizza drama.

On face value – we think Three’s marketing team did an amazing job here. They picked up O2’s loose ball with quick wit and good intentions. O2 couldn’t lose face and needed to throw more money at it to keep themselves in the game.

Three didn’t need to come back with any better offer, the social media work had been done for the day so they left it at that – however the outcome of the campaign being that thousands of people will have been talking about Three & O2 is a win-win for both. The fact Three own O2, gives you the impression there might have been some collusion between marketing departments here, but maybe that fishy smell is just the anchovies on the pizza?!

The Real winners – Low price Pizza

The best deal we can find for free Pizza is 2 large for £20  from Pizza Hut. – If you know any other great pizza deals please let us know on our Facebook page.

PMC Telecom respond to a question asked on Twitter

We explain how VoIP systems and IP Phones will benefit your business.


This is a question we get asked a lot at PMC Telecom. We have reached out to Sarah to give her some advice on what kind of phone system would suit her needs. We started by asking:

“In an ideal world, what would you expect from your phone system?”

“At the moment I use my mobile phone most of the time, but I do have an office phone. My problem is my business is expanding, and although I take most of the calls currently, more and more I need my staff at my office to take the calls depending on what the customer needs. I know that when I call big companies you get a list of options to choose from and depending on what numbers you choose denotes who the call goes to. I’d like that for a start.

My friend who works in a busy office has her own direct dial number, so rather than calling the main switchboard, if I need to speak to her directly I can call her directly. I’d like to have that same facility in my office if possible. I’d also like to be able to forward calls directly to another number (my mobile?) regardless of where I am in the world and to take calls on my laptop if possible (I sometimes use Skype calls anyway) and if at all possible keep all this under one phone number.

Also, I’d also like to be able to record calls for reference and staff training.

There is also a very high chance that I will need to move office in the near future, so this makes the whole process even more complicated. I know this is a big ask for a small company, but if you can help advise in any way possible, that would be brilliant!”

On the face of it, this all sounds like a tall order. So what did we advise?

Based on the needs of Sarah’s business we suggested Voice Cloud HD, Our Hosted VoIP Solution. It’s the absolute perfect system for Sarah’s business and addresses all of her requirements directly.

Why Voice Cloud HD?

For a company which is likely to expand its telephony needs, a cloud solution is a great option since it is so easy to scale quickly as a business expands. There are no requirements to install complex and expensive PBX systems on site, simply using your business broadband to connect to the cloud gives you HD call quality along with a multitude of features to configure your business phone numbers however you want from an easy to navigate online portal.

Let’s address Sarah’s questions directly:

“My problem is my business is expanding”

An expanding business is great news, and with a cloud based phone system it means you don’t have to worry about expanding in regards to your telecoms. You can add or take away “lines” very quickly as needed – there is no hardware at your office and because it’s served from a dedicated high speed server hosting facility, changing your line requirements is very simple to do.

“I know that when I call big companies you get a list of options to choose from and depending on what numbers you choose denotes who the call goes to. I’d like that for a start.”

Auto Attendant is one of the many premium features are actually included with Voice Cloud HD and are no longer restricted to large companies with big budgets. Using the Voice Cloud HD portal it is simple to set-up “groups” (Sales, Marketing Accounts, etc) within your organisation to receive calls when the customer chooses the option directed at that particular group, this way, the caller gets transferred directly to a member of staff who can help them more effectively.

It is worth noting that there are a whole host of other premium features included with Voice Cloud HD such as:

  • Voicemail to email inbox – listen to voicemails from any internet enabled device.

  • Music on Hold – Choose from a variety of licence free music genres or even upload your own custom Music on Hold track.

  • Call recording

  • Remote call management

  • Free calls between different offices regardless of location on Voice Cloud HD

  • View all business calls logs from any internet enabled device.

“My friend who works in a busy office has her own direct dial number, so rather than calling the main switchboard, if I need to speak to her directly I can call her directly. I’d like to have that same facility in my office if possible.”

Using Voice Cloud HD it is easy for us to set-up direct dial numbers on your account which will only ring certain user’s handsets, laptops, or any other internet enabled device. Further to this using hosted VoIP technology enables a person to be contacted via their direct dial on whichever device they are using and regardless of where they are in the world.

“I’d also like to be able to forward calls directly to another number (my mobile?) regardless of where I am in the world”

With a Hosted VoIP solution such as Voice Cloud HD, this isn’t even an issue. In fact it’s something our customers find hard to believe how flawless it works. From the Voice Cloud HD Portal, it is easy to chose any number to redirect your calls to, this can include your skype number

“There is also a very high chance that I will need to move office in the near future, so this makes the whole process even more complicated.”

Voice Cloud HD completely takes away your telephony worries. If you need to move office, simply unplug your phones, take them to your new office, plug them into your new office broadband connection and voila! Your numbers, contacts and any other information remains exactly the same, the only concern you need to have is to ensure that you have a business grade broadband solution set up and ready to go at your new office as you move. As your company expands we can accommodate your broadband requirements by either adding value to your current infrastructure or even add additional broadband should you need it.

“Also, I’d also like to be able to record calls for reference and staff training.”

Voice Cloud HD comes with all big business premium features as standard. This includes call recording. You can retrieve your call recordings from anywhere using your laptop or any internet enabled web browser.

If you would like to learn more about Voice Cloud HD you can read more here

Business Phone Systems – A Guide for your first office

Considering a business phone system in 2015

Choosing a phone system for your first office can sometimes be overlooked by new business owners, or business owners with expanding needs.

When choosing Business phone system, some people fall into the pitfall of getting a system which is satisfactory to their current needs, but with little regard to how they could possibly run into problems in the future. If you’re reading this, you are likely far more prepared than this, and you are looking for some information to future proof your business. There are several options available from a small multi line PABX to much larget PABX systems. There is also the recently popular cloud based phone system over the traditional phone system to consider.

Choosing a phone system

When choosing a phone system there are several factors to consider:

  • Do I invest in a phone system sufficient for just for my current requirements or do I want to invest in a system which can grow with my business?
  • Should we use Analogue, ISDN lines or move over to a Cloud based hosted VoIP platform?
  • How does the call quality differ from the current options available?
  • Which solution would suit us best if say we have home workers, remote offices or sales reps out on the road using mobiles?
  • What important data can we retrieve from our phone system call logs, call duration, time kept on hold etc?
  • What infrastructure do I need in place in order to have a phone system installed?
  • Do we need specialist training on how to use the system? 

Types of Phone System Solutions

Simple plug and play single line DECT or Corded telephone and headset package 

If you simply work from home and require a simple plug and play solution which runs off a single analogue line then why not consider a telephone and headset bundle package starting from only £26.30. This enables you to make and receive calls without having to hold the handset for long periods of time making your work flow much more efficient and no neck pain! You could even go for a Cordless DECT phone with a headset bundle also giving the benefit of no neck strain however also giving you the freedom to walk around the home or office.

Small business multi line PABX

If you work home or a small office and have more than one person working in the company, having a single line would restrict you from working efficiently and productively. Imagine having to wait for your colleague to finish off a call in order for you to make that all important sales call to your client or even a potential customer trying to contact you and hearing an engaged tone.

We can arrange multiple lines to be installed at your office still keeping your current number for both lines. We supply Orchid Telecom simple plug and play analogue phone systems which can be installed in less than 20 minutes with no technical experience necessary. These systems would enable you to answer the calls on both lines, put the caller on hold and even transfer the call to your colleague.

Medium to large size business multi line PABX

We would recommend if you have four or more employees to go for Panasonic KX-NS700 Smart Hybrid PBX System  This feature rich hybrid phone system offers rock solid stability you would expect from Panasonic, it’s totally expandable, you could simply start with one or two analogue lines and expand up to  for up to 120 incoming lines and 288 extensions by simply adding  lines and expansion cards into the system. The systems is packed rich with features which include:

•            A PBX also utilises Auto attendant – this directs all incoming calls to the appropriate destination by asking the caller to choose an option by using their numerical keypad on their phone.

•            Direct calling – Your customers can now call your employees phones directly if you wish, they will have their own extension number which is dial-able from outside the company.

•            Individual voicemail – You customers can now leave voicemails specifically for an employee which will be left on their extension number.

Ok – That’s great but what’s this Cloud Hosted PABX I keep hearing about?

Hosted PABX

VoIP Phone Systems are phone systems run over the internet. What this basically boils down to is rather than using your phone line, you will use your internet connection , Cloud based Hosted PABX are certainly the future of telephone systems, there hundreds of advantages of using a cloud based hosted PABX over standard hardware system. We can supply a number of solutions in order to offer a Hosted PABX to any company within the UK ensuring crystal clear call quality, stability, cost savings and features only top of the range phone systems could offer.

The beauty of the cloud is that there is no upfront cost for any extra equipment, all you need is a POE switch, the phones, and an internet connection.

  • Minimal installation cost – no need to hire a telephone engineer to install lots of hardware into your office
  • Trade from anywhere in the world– you have one number and if a client calls that number you can take the call from home, office, hotel room, or even the beach
  • Free online portal – You can change all your settings in real time, out of office, voicemail to email, call forwarding etc. No need to call the office asking to put on your out of office again!
  • Free office to office calling – Imagine having offices round the world, you can speak to them 24/7 for free, even transfer calls and have group conference calls
  • Scalability – Hosted PABX enables your company to grow from just one employee to hundred thousand employees. There is no limit on how many handsets. As your company grows you simply purchase another handset and user licence
  • Trade more efficiently – Traditionally when you  to leave the office, a client would have to call you on your mobile in order to make contact, this is not the case with hosted, if anyone calls your landline number is can seamlessly call your mobile number enabling you never to miss that important call. However if you do miss that call the system would then email you a voicemail ensuring you can trade 100% efficiently 

Cloud based Non Geo Graphic numbers

 Cloud based Non geographic numbers are a great way to give your business that more professional, established feel, depending on your type of business there are a number of different variants which would fit into your business profile

0845 – Ideal to use as a standard business number, as the calls are charged at local rate

0800 – Freephone number ideal to attract sales calls

0871- 0844 – These are great for generating revenue when offering services such as technical support and advise lines

03 – Ideal to use as a standard business number, as the calls are charged at lower call rate ideal national presence

  • One number stays with you for life, even if you live in Scotland and then move to London, that number is yours
  • FREE  call recording – record all you incoming calls for free, simply log onto the free portal to retrieve the files
  • FREE online portal with hundreds of features, music on hold – with apology on hold announcements, unlimited call queuing, call statistics
  • Follow me – Simply set your number to divert to your mobile via the online portal without your customer ever knowing. This is ideal for any person who is out of the office and wants to make it easy for potential customer to contact you. 

Contact PMC telecom today to discuss your business needs and find the Best business phone systems for your needs on: 0845 180 9988


Avaya is teaming up with steel ORCA to offer Software Defined Data Center

PMC Telecom take a look at Avaya and their latest move

There are interesting times coming up for Avaya and Steel ORCA. This year marks the opening of Steel ORCA’s state of the art digital utility centre, and it’s going to be one of the newest and most advanced data centres in the world today. Steel ORCA offer colocation, offering customers the ability to rent space at ORCA’s data centre, but continue to use their own servers and hardware. ORCA also offer managed services and cloud solutions on a global basis with a strong emphasis on the reliability and resiliency of its data centres.


We at PMC telecom believe that cloud based services are the future. Sure we wasn’t a big fan a few years ago, when things were slower, and more inaccessible but now it truly is becoming available to everyone. Cloud service providers such as Steel ORCA are building next gen facilities, implementing fabric-based SDN architectures to prepare them for the ever increasing challenging demands of delivering global cloud based services to their clients such as Fujitsu.

Steel ORCA have chosen to implement an end to end mesh technology of Avaya Fabric connect, rather than a box by box architecture. Avaya fabric connect lets Steel ORCA to manage their clients services on the fly, without making physical changes to the network itself. Avaya Fabric connect will help them provide services which are more secure and robust than ever before.

Steel Orca sets the stage for a full Avaya SDN Fx this year

The Avaya SDN Fx architecture is first to delivery programmability and automation from the network to the user providing ultimate ease of use. They are making it much easier to configure the increasing amount of devices at the user end which need to be connected, and they are building a platform on which moving forward, connecting devices to the users side, will becoming easier and easier…


“Competitive pressures are driving businesses to deliver unique, reliable services while reducing costs, maintaining high levels of security and to do it faster than anyone else. Companies seeking this competitive edge can find it within Steel ORCA’s unique environmental approach to creating a Digital Utility Center. By using Avaya’s SDN Fx architecture with Fabric Connect, Steel ORCA breaks the mold to offer unparalleled value, speed and resiliency to customers via their best-in-class, next-generation data” center architecture.”

                Jean Turgeon (JT), chief technology architect, SDN, Avaya

PMCtelecom are proud to offer a range of devices from the ever growing but reliable telecom provider Avaya. You can browse out Avaya handsets Here or if you know what you’re looking for see below or make a search for a product number:

*See Avayas official press release here:

Is there an Avaya product you need? Search your desired product number in our system or see below:

700276132 700356447 700381569
700462518 NTYS08AAE6 700382005
70033912 700356447 – 700434897 700381908
700430408 700476849 700445976
6402D 700458524 700383920
700258577 700476849 700381908
8410D 700458532 700381965
Avy-CM-2 700445976 700385982
Avy-CM-3 700381999 NTYS19AC70E6
Callmaster IV 700346802 38UTN0002UKAC
36650-20 700381916 380TN002UKAL
700383938 700059314 38UTN0002UKBG
700460215 700381957 38UTN00001SAW
700466105 700259674 38UTN00001SBG
NTYS22AB70E6 38UTN00001HBS

Microsoft announce free upgrades to Windows 10

Here’s something quite interesting you may have spotted today if you use Microsoft windows. In the bottom right corner of your screen, you should see a new little Windows icon. Click this and you’ll be able to reserve your free copy of Windows 10 as soon as it’s released.

Windows 10 announcement

We can only agree that it’s a great idea for Microsoft to be offering free upgrades to its operating systems. With lots of compatibility issues between all the older versions of windows, it can be a minefield for developers and users alike unsure if their software will work with their copy of Windows. Now with Microsoft putting huge swathes of people on the path to using the same version of their operating system, no matter how old their PC is, we can all look forward to being able to use the same software, trouble free.

This all won’t happen overnight as lots of people will take time to upgrade, but it’s a great start to provide a smoother user experience for all windows users.

You can read more on Microsoft’s website, here:

Read more on Venturebeat

The Guardian’s article–indows-10-for-free-july

Product of the week Gigaset C300 Triple Pack

For those looking for a quality home-phone that’s feature packed, look no further than PMC Telecom’s product of the week; the Gigaset C300 Triple Pack. This high-quality trio of digital DECT handsets produce amazing sound courtesy of Gigaset’s HSP technology, so you’ll be confident of clear calls every time.

Gigaset C300 Triple Pack

Key features include:

  • Three digital DECT cordless handsets
  • 25 minute answering machine
  • HSP – Gigaset quality sound
  • Speakerphone
  • 250 Name & number phone book
  • Eco Mode – Eco friendly and zero radiation handsets

For a set of high quality DECT home phones at an amazing price, you’ll struggle to beat PMC’s current deal on this trio pack of gorgeous Gigaset C300 handsets.

Don’t miss out, click and call PMC Telecom now for fast delivery on your next set of quality home phones and PMC Telecom’s very first product of the week!

Find out more about the detailed specifications of the Gigaset C300 Triple Pack by clicking here.

Did you catch the eclipse?

Our in-house photography ninja, Michael made it up on to the roof of PMC Towers this morning to snap a few shots of the solar Eclipse over a very cloudy Salford. Click the images to see larger size versions.

Click the images to see them more clearly.



12 reasons to upgrade your phone system

Internal office telephone systems are essential pieces of kit which can often be the difference between running an efficient business and one which struggles to manage information flowing in and around the business itself. A great phone system not only takes care of existing business, but will allow you to grow and expand with minimal fuss.

Are you 100% sure your existing phone system is serving you as well as it could be? Here’s 12 reasons why you could look at upgrading your existing phone system to improve your business and save you lost revenue in the long term

  1. Our telephones don’t have any basic features to put callers on hold or transfer calls
  2. Our customers complain that they can’t get through to us
  3. We’d like to direct calls to the right people in our company (“Press 1 for sales, 2 for accounts etc”)
  4. Our staff complain that they can’t make outgoing calls because there aren’t enough free lines
  5. We’d like to personalise our “on-hold” message, but our system doesn’t allow us to
  6. We’d like to see a list of missed calls so that we can call our customers back
  7. We don’t have the ability to set direct dial numbers for our staff
  8. We don’t have the facility for voicemail
  9. We’d like to use better headsets with our telephones
  10. Our phone system is old and convoluted and nobody knows how to work it any more
  11. We want to be able to call people by the click of a mouse on our computer
  12. Our phones are obsolete and it’s difficult to find good quality replacements

If any of these points relate to you or your phone system, then please don’t hesitate to give us a call to see how we can recommend an appropriate, cost-effective and modern phone system for your business that will earn your business money in the long term.


Call PMC now on 0845 180 9988 for best advice on business telephone system PBX’ or take a look at some of the PBX systems and services we have on offer here. For further informal advice you can also e-mail

Expert DECT repeater set-up

If you need extra range out of your DECT phones, then a repeater is often a great solution which gives your phone that extra boost, effectively doubling the range of your cordless roaming distance. The downside of this is that some repeaters can be tricky to set-up, so this is where PMC Telecom’s expert repeater set-up service can step in to take the hassle out of this process for you.

Setup & Programming

PMC Telecom can pre-configure home DECT repeaters at the point of sale, so they arrive with you pre-registered and ready to plug-in out of the box, so no trawling through instruction manuals and time spent via trial and error trying to remember complicated button sequences and waiting for odd combinations of flashing lights. PMC Telecom will do all of the hard work for you and even support you for 12-months so in the unlikely event you have any issues with your repeater, we’ll spend time with you helping you to diagnose or even re-register the units over the phones.

RTX Pro Link Repeater

The RTX Pro repeater can be daisy chained to cover very large distances, but does need some software programming to get it set-up and working correctly.

Click here to view our repeater set-up service on our shopping website.

A basic diagram showing how daisy chained repeaters can enhance the range of your DECT cordless phones.

A basic diagram showing how daisy chained repeaters can enhance the range of your DECT cordless phones.

Earn money from your old office headsets!

Fulfill European WEEE regulations, be green, make money on old and broken headsets!

There comes a time when you have to throw caution to the wind and just say to yourself “out with the old and in with the new” and this is often the case with your office supplies – specifically those neglected old headsets. Rather than lie and promise yourself that you’ll dispose of them correctly someday, you find that they’re often crammed into a cupboard and left broken beyond repair.

Becoming wasteful is something that too many people are taking for granted and with an increased focus on environmental concerns and responsibilities, it’s important that businesses buck this trend. With that in mind, it now makes sense to seek out a viable solution to safely disposing of old technologies and this is where PMC Telecom can help. Rather than scrapping your old headsets, PMC Telecom could buy them back off you for cash!

Broken headsets, recycling, office equipment,
Don’t adjust those headsets, you heard correctly – you could earn money on those old Plantronics or Jabra headsets and amplifiers that are sitting in a cupboard, taking up valuable space.

If you want to earn money from your old, unwanted headsets, then there are two simple steps which could help you out:

  1. Call the office on 0845 180 9988, or click here and fill out our online form detailing the amounts and types of headsets you want to get rid of. Our repairs & buyback specialists will ascertain how many headsets you have, their condition and type (we can currently only buy back office headsets) and offer you a price.

  2. You send us the headsets by tracked delivery. Once the headsets have been received and counted by PMC, we’ll pay your invoice straight away.

So there you have it! Don’t leave those headsets gathering dust any longer, clear out your cupboard space, offset the cost of ordering new and give yourself that warm feeling of good karma knowing you’ve done a little bit to help protect the environment!
Weee Logo, Recycling, European Directive,